Lent is the Christian season that begins with Ash Wednesday and ends with Easter Sunday. It is a time we intentionally journey with Jesus towards the cross and His death. During
this 40-day journey, we’re invited to reflect, repent, and remember. We reflect on our own humanity, repent of our sins, and remember God’s love that is demonstrated in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The traditional Lenten practices that help us in this process are to “read”, “pray”, “deny”, and “give”. These are four actions we see Jesus participating in near the end of his life: fulfilling Scripture, praying for others, denying himself, and giving to those around him.|

Our prayer is that this season of Lent will be an intentional time of contemplation and restraint – a time to address the legitimate longings in our life that have gone astray. As we look toward Easter, may we have the courage to journey with Jesus into the wilderness and up to the cross through these practices – and may we experience hope and transformation in the promises of resurrection and new life.

On this site you will find devotionals, guides, blog posts, practices, poetry and more. Check back throughout Lent as we will continue to add resources here.